Loewe Reference 52

Reference 52

New perfection.

Even at first glance, it’s clear that the Loewe Reference sets new standards – with its perfect design alone. Those who encounter it experience brilliant images, crystal-clear sound and a fantastic range of features - at the highest level of perfection. Prepare to be impressed by the Loewe Reference!

Perfect design.

The Loewe Reference may not have been designed with a museum piece in mind – but it certainly was the intention to create a masterpiece.

Brilliant images.

Fast-moving action, spectacular landscapes, exciting sports broadcasts - the Loewe Reference shows cinema and television images in unprecedented quality – sharper and more detailed than ever.

Crystal clear sound.

The Loewe Reference Standspeakers feature impressive uniquely clean and lively sound – with a membrane only 0.01 millimetres thick.

Fascinating networking.

The Loewe Reference can be connected to anything: digital music, photos and films can be easily transferred to the Reference System – and enjoyed in Reference quality. And with 8, 000 internet radio stations and numerous podcasts, you can receive variety from all over the world on the Reference.