Loewe bild 2


Enjoy images with soul.

Thanks to the expertise and passion of Loewe's imaging software specialists, a carefully selected ultra HD panel and sophisticated HDR image processing, you can immerse yourself in a beautifully natural world of pictures. Balanced colours, natural contrasts and smooth motion enable your eyes to relax. Experience the action in a film or video game with all your senses and enjoy pictures as they should be.

Hear all the details.

Spoil yourself with the sound of the Loewe bild 2: the Guided Wave concept directs the sound forwards for superb clarity whilst the rear woofers deliver a fuller sound. For surround sound, simply add a Loewe klang 1 audio system. Loewe bild 2 also features personalized sound with Mimi DefinedTM: because everyone hears differently this innovative technology adapts the audio signal to your individual hearing profile in real time. Exclusively available on televisions from Loewe.

Maximum convenience and intuitive operation.

All you need is one remote control, the Loewe assist, to control all applications and external devices such as your Apple TV. You can also control the TV with your smartphone or tablet using the Loewe app or even with your voice using Amazon Alexa. The Loewe OS has a clear, well constructed menu and offers a customisable home screen where you can find your personal favourites at a glance.

Contemporary, both now and in the future.

A minimalist and understated design, sophisticated pure black finish and elegantly integrated speakers - Loewe bild 2 is timeless. With a Loewe floor stand solution in chrome or light grey, it can be freely positioned in the room. Thanks to the choice of materials, exceptional finish and regular software updates, the Loewe bild 2 will be up to date tomorrow. This is true sustainability. A Loewe TV lasts.

Greater freedom.

The Loewe DR+ disk, an optional external hard drive with 1TB storage, offers even greater freedom. Use it to expand the possibilities offered by the Loewe bild 2. Pause a programme at any time or set a recording using the TV remote or even via the Loewe app if you’re out and about. And with Permanent Timeshift, you can even start recording after a programme has started. There's multi-room functionality too which enables content to be played synchronously on two Loewe TVs at once, whether live or from the archive.